How We Work

Collaborative Advice & Expertise

The D&K Wiring approach to work is collaborative and practical. Working in partnership with both small businesses and blue-chip companies, we bring an open-book approach to developing & delivering designs and products.

Producing From Client Designs

We are happy to develop production processes that enable us to deliver end products to client designs.  Nonetheless, as a result of our practical approach, we will always give advice and input to designs where our experience tells us that improved efficiency and quicker turnaround can be achieved by changes to designs.

Designing To Client Needs

With our wide experience in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, we are well equipped to develop bespoke designs for products that fulfill client requirements. Our collaborative approach means we are especially effective in communicating with clients to understand their needs and as a result deliver relevant designs.

Flexible Volume Output

Our flexible approach means we can supply quantities ranging from one-off prototypes, through to small and large run volumes.

Quality Control

In addition, our wide experience in quality control means we can give our clients the quality and assurance required by the most demanding of projects.  We are happy to integrate your quality control procedures into our production process; alternatively we can design bespoke testing according to your requirements.  We always aim to deliver 100% traceability in testing.