Panel & Cabinet Wiring & Assembly

Cabinet and Panel Wiring and Assembly

Taking either a client design, or developing a design with our client, we can produce fully finished assemblies, including the procurement of all materials and assembly onsite.  This helps reduce the time and cost of procurement.

Alternatively, our unique blend of experience in mechanical and electronic engineering means we can offer “Plug & Play” wiring assemblies, where our clients simply fit the fully tested assembly into the final destination product.

We are happy to implement a production process that delivers to a client’s drawing specification. Alternatively, we have the expertise & experience that means we can design to a customer need, including the individual loom and harness components of an assembly and the overall cabinet layout.

Experience & Expertise

Throughout the production it is in our nature to provide flexible, practical advice on the design, allowing continuous improvement of the final product and its onward use.

Quality Control

All assemblies are 100% tested using Cirris testing equipment, where we have the knowledge to design & deliver test procedures that give peace of mind to clients on the most complex of projects.

Additional Services

We also offer non-electrical services to integrate assemblies into the final product, which means we can source all materials & build the whole finished product.  Again, our aim is to provide a complete solution to a client’s requirements that minimises complexity and maximises quality.

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