Wiring Looms & Harnesses

We produce wiring looms & harnesses that are 100% tested using Cirris equipment, with traceability in quality control. You have the option of having your product designed by D&K Wiring for your needs; alternatively, we can produce from your own designs, integrating the testing & quality control measures required for your particular project.

Modern Processes

Our process intergates the use of Makfil automatic cut and strip machines, which measure crimp force during production. Linked to our Makfil machinery, we have the capability of cable marking.  This means clients can opt for  one-colour, printed cabling, enabling them to reduce costs whilst maintaining quality & ease of onward use.

Flexible Volume Output

Our flexible approach means we can supply quantities ranging from one-off prototypes, through to small and large run volumes.

Experience & Expertise

Our unique blend of experience in mechanical and electronic engineering means we can offer fast response and turnaround, give practical advice for design and development, plus we can ensure quick issue resolution when required.

Quality Control

In addition, our wide experience in quality control means we can give our clients the quality and assurance required by the most demanding of projects.  Everything we produce is 100% tested using Cirris equipment, and we can build in client testing procedures to the production process.  Alternatively, we can design bespoke testing procedures around a client specification.

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